40 lakh in Assam labeled ‘illegals’ after SC-monitored drill

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The Registrar General of India (RGI) on Monday found 40 lakh people ineligible to be included in the draft National Register of Citizens (NRC), which the supreme court had earlier monitored exercise to identify the illegal migrants living in Assam. Thus this became the strong reason for the opposition party that BJP is trying to play the divide and rule policy in India.

In order to prove their Citizenship, the Registrar General of India (RGI) has given one more chance to those 40 lakh people and said that they will have to file their claims to NRC between August 30 and September 28 also the next NRC update will be on December 31.


Meanwhile in relation to this Citizenship the Registrar General of India Mr. Sailesh said, “ Don’t worry we are not taking actions right now, this is just a draft and we will wait for the final one till then there will be status quo on the rights and privileges of those citizens who were not included in NRC. Well there could be other several reasons for not proving themselves as citizens may be on their voting rights but I am not the competent authority to comment on this subject matter of general election commission”.

Reacting to this MHA joint Secretary (northeast) Satyendra Garg also said, “ No Punitive actions will be taken against them. We will wait for the final NRC”. Earlier it was around 3.29 crore residents had applied for the inclusion in NRC which the RGI had begun to update in 2010 in order to detect the person who is illegally residing in the country but the exercise to update the NRC was stopped for some time for various reasons and later started in 2015 under the supervision of supreme court.

Eventually, the NRC’s action process will be completed by December 21, giving only five months to settle claims of 40 lakh applicants, as per an RGI notification. As of now out of the 40 lakh people who did not claim to the NRC, 2.48 lakh people have been already marked as doubtful or ‘D’ voters by the Election Commission.



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