7 Things To Consider Before Your Next Job Interview

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Finding a new slot and engraving your mark as the ideal choice can be a challenging procedure before a prospective employer. If you are currently working part-time and hunting for your dream job, or just wishing transition from your current gig to a more satisfying one; these foolproof tips and techniques will guarantee you a head start.

Here are some job hunting tips that will make switching to a new job a breeze:


1. Scheduling the meeting in your calendar.




Whenever you receive an interview call, the foremost thing you need to do is schedule the meeting after considering the number of leaves you have left. There are high possibilities that the interview may coincide with an engagement at your current employment. This is, of course, applicable if you are currently under employment. Tying up loose ends and somehow squeezing the meeting into your schedule is not a great impression for a potential employer looking to invest in you.

2. Be punctual for your interview – Neither too early, nor too late.


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Arriving way too early for an interview can make you come across as a bit desperate for the job. There isn’t really any gigantic harm done, but impression matters. What you need best of is a good perception of yourself. On the flip side, if you are late, it might appear you’re not really keen for the job. If not that, the employer might just feel that your casualness come to cost the company during your association with them.

3. Customise your resume.


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It is a decent idea to get a perfectly drafted resume made from professionals. But you need to remember to customize the resume in accordance with the position you are applying for. This will give you an extra edge over the others for sure.


4. Let your Cover letter be a masterpiece of all the good things.




Your cover letter shouldn’t be like a variant of your resume. It is supposed to provide substantial background information about you, the candidate and convey why you are worthy of the position. Again, ensure that you incorporate a call to action like, “Looking forward to discussing the next steps with you.” This small detail lets a potential employer aware of the fact that you are ambitious about becoming a part of their company.

Bonus Tip: Even if the company doesn’t ask for a cover letter, affix one nonetheless.

5. Ask your way to the top.


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It is obvious that you have done your research on the company you are applying for and thoroughly gone through the job description. An important step that is easily overlooked is asking questions. When you have completed your research and gone through the company’s website, figure out the questions you need to ask your employer and put them in front of the interviewer. This could include growth opportunities or overcoming challenges or anything you wish. However, the key is to not overdo it. Seem interested but do not come across as a confused person.

6. Revaluate and reconsider before accepting the offer.




It is never wise to accept the job offer on the spot, in a hurried decision. Carve yourself some time for going over matters. Reconsider and evaluate the pros and cons of the offer. Figure out if you are happy with the job profile and if it suits you. Lastly, research and infer your market value and whether you are being offered an optimum salary or not.

7. Essential follow up.


Job Image result for follow up


After you have survived the interview, there is no certainty which direction things would go in. Remember to follow up with the people you interacted with during the procedure and send them a genuine ‘thank you’ note. It is preferable to do so within a couple of hours after the interview. Sending one over email is a great idea. Just ensure that you make no grammatical errors that could ruin it.


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