7th Pay Commission: Bad News, No Hike Anytime Now

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The wait is going to get longer and the government has made no commitment what so ever in this regard. The huge issues regarding the fuel prices and rupee collapse is what the government is busy with.

A top official confirmed to OneIndia, ” yes the issue is on hold as of now. There is no movement on it as there are other pressing issues such as the soaring fuel prices and rupee fall. We need to get those things in order before we move over to the issue relating to the 7th Pay Commission.”

Further, the Union Government has also left it to the wisdom of the states to implement the recommendations of the pay panel. Several states have already announced sops. The government even wants the states to cut the VAT on fuel as it says that if it announces a cut in fuel prices, then the loss would be estimated at Rs 30,000 crore.

While the salary hike as per the recommendations of the pay panel did increase the salaries to Rs 18,000 a large section of CG employees felt that this was not enough. The demand currently is an increase of up to Rs 26,000.

This bad news for the CG employees comes in the wake of protests being planned. The CG employees have decided to up the ante on the issue relating to the 7th Pay Commission and have decided to observe September 19 as ‘All India Protest Day.”


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