Amazon May Share User Payment Data With Indian Government

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E-commerce company Amazon has stated that it may share payment data of its users with the Indian government’s enforcement agencies. The privacy policy page on the company’s website states: “We may be required to share the aforesaid information with government authorities, regulators and/or agencies for the purposes of verification of identity or for prevention, detection, investigation including cyber incidents, prosecution and punishment of offences.”

Once the user agrees to these mentioned terms and conditions and chooses to avail the payments service locally, the company can share payment details, personal details, and also certain sensitive data with the government if the necessity arises. “This is in keeping with the regulatory requirements under the license granted by the RBI to Amazon Pay. Compliance with local laws and regulation is a top priority for us in all the countries we operate in,” a media report cited an Amazon India spokesperson as saying.


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The company’s digital payment arm, Amazon Pay, is responsible for its e-wallet and payments business.

In the US, Amazon, in addition to disclosing user data to the government, also makes a transparency report, which includes data on how many of requests were completely or partially answered by the government, along with queries it refused to answer legally.

The company, however, does not have any such similar setup in India as of yet.


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