Friendship Day: Show Your Friends How Much You Love Them!

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“Yaarooon Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hai” This tune has been the song of devotion for every one of us since it praises fellowship in such an excellent way, right? Friends are the family we pick. This is so appropriately said on the grounds that we as a whole trust in them and experience the best moments of our lives with them. They are our adores as well as our comrade and emotionally supportive networks. Be that as it may, with our occupations and connections and everything else, we frequently neglect to see them enough and lose contact as well. This is the reason Friendship Day is commended on the principal Sunday of August to treasure these unique bonds.

We are certain that you have a best friend or a bunch of few very close friends, yeah? At the point when was the last time, you accomplished something uncommon for them? Been a while? Stress not. Since tomorrow is friendship day, here are a couple of ways you can thank your friend for always being there for you and give them all the affection they merit:

Put them in a movie:

Memory Lane of Friends

Not a Bollywood or Hollywood movie, of course. Duh! Make a movie or a slide show of the precious pictures and videos of your glory friendship days. You can also add a message for them at the end of the video. With so many movie maker apps out there, it has become a pretty easy task. Likewise, you can send it to them virtually. So, if you can’t meet up or live in different cities or countries, you can still gift it to them.

Bring on your jam:

Show your true selves with your Friends

Be it the wince pop melodies you folks sing it to the highest point of your lungs, or your road trip jam, or the delicate tunes that play in the foundations when one of you falls in love with somebody; put them all down in a playlist and send it to your mate. This will most likely take them on a nostalgic trip and furthermore keep them in a decent mindset for rest of the day.

Netflix and chill:

Binge-Watch with Friends

Spend the night binge-watching your favourite shows or spend the night watching all the movies in your wish list. Munch on Popcorn and pizza and spend the night on your comfy bed or couch.

A walk through the memory lane:

Visit your dear places with your Friends

Visit the places that mean a lot to you and your friends, the place where you first met, or the place where you used to meet up frequently. Go to these places and relive all those moments you spent there, living life to the fullest.

A virtual tribute:

Post awesome pictures with your Friends

For a day, turn your Facebook or Instagram timeline into a tribute to your friend. Post awesome pictures of all the good times you have shared together and post sweet messages for them. Show them how much you appreciated them and let the virtual world be your witness.

Lights, friends, selfie:

Selfie with Friends

Everyone wants their social media feed to be lit right?! So, plan a photo shoot with your close friends. Get the right poses, dress well, select a perfect location. Exclusively make fabulous memories and have them printed, your social media feeds for quite a while!

Something for the sweet tooth:

Chocolates with Friends

Nothing says ‘you are my sweet friend’ better than something sweet. Gift your friends their favourite chocolates or indulge in a sinful dessert together. You can also cut a small cake to celebrate your bond.

Personalised touch:

Gifts with Friends

Remember how we used to tie each other friendship bands? Do something similar. Symbolise your friendship with gifts personalized with your pictures or get matching bracelets, lockets, caps, t-shirts or maybe even tattoos!

A musical evening:

Sing with your Friends

Spend a musical evening with your friends at a place with live music or attend a music concert. For those of you who enjoy singing more than humming along, try out your skills at a karaoke night. You can also have a karaoke session at home with a microphone, speakers and karaoke sing-along videos.

Roars of laughter:

Laughter with Friends is the best medicine

Since laughter is the best medicine, snicker all your problems away. You can either choose to spend the day with your friends comfortably at your home watching stand-up comedy videos all day or you can also head out to open mics and stand-up comedy shows.

These were a few plans that enable you to make this day extraordinary. Be that as it may, you are the person who knows your friend best. So, go plan something and comment below what you did for them, or what your friendship day ritual is. We would love to hear it!




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