Ghoul – Not A Watch For The Faint-Hearted

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The Blumhouse Productions, who produced films like Insidious, Split, Get Out and Sinister has rolled out its first ever Indian horror series “GHOUL” in association with Netflix India. This web series is based on the Arabic folklore of the myth, of jinns. The cinematography by Jay Oza and editing by Nitin Baid greatly aid in creating this series realistic.



It is a horror drama that shows how to tackle social and religious changes in an effective and dramatic way. The religious complexity might get misunderstood by the viewers but the exoticisation of the supernatural character is enough to establish an edge-of-your-seat paranoia giving you a perfect nail-biting experience thinking about the next phase in the series. Especially the background music of ‘Ghoul’, which is given by ‘Udta Punjab’ fame Naren Chandavarkar and Benedict Taylor, is wonderful.


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The main character of the series is, Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte) who seeks social approval desperately, considers her religion a crutch and to prove her loyalty for her country, she did not hesitate in getting her father arrested, on the grounds that he taught ‘anti-national’ literature, thus he is now branded as a ‘terrorist’. When Nida with her team, led by their captain interrogate her father in a special military facility called Meghdoot-31 a surprising event takes place where Nida’s father is possessed by a flesh-eating demon, Ghoul and the interrogator’s shameful secrets are exposed.


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The horror and violent content in this web series makes it exclusive and not something a fainthearted could watch. The series is Packed with impressive suspense and acting, supported by a great combination of the horror-thriller genre. There are many twists and turns that hold down the viewer’s interests up to the end. It has already started getting positive reviews from the viewers at large after its official release, a few hours ago.


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