The Highlights of India’s Independence

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15th of August 2018, marks the 72nd Independence Day for our motherland India. The excursion through these 72 years has been exceptional, featured with occasions that are justified regardless of the battle. Despite the fact that we have accomplished a great deal, there is a considerable measure that still stays to be achieved. In any case, there is no denying the way that India remains a unique democracy in the world. To recognize this Independence day, let us investigate what makes this nation so one of a kind.

Heaven forbid this list to be considered exhaustive or even objective. It is an exercise in distillation, an attempt to sew together the ideas and themes—some uplifting, some most definitely not—that define independent India. There is also some sweet remembrance to the epic things that happened this past year that made us say “It can happen only in India”.


Here are some highlights of India’s Independence:



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One of the stone turning changes in this journey has definitely been the fall of the Congress in 2014 in the face of a BJP electoral onslaught. The party has seen pillory ever since. Though they did commit some major howlers, the critics are to blame for turning a blind eye to its many merits.


“N” for our “NEIGHBOURS”

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Who collectively serve as a major source of a national migraine. India has been gifted with a set of both good and bad neighbours. However, the country has immense potential in always messing up relations with the neighbours by acting like an elder brother. The bad ones – no points on guessing who they are – are the ones we have fought against in the past and could almost surely fight again in the coming years.



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Enough has been already said about this. This one little, well not so little, initiative by the Modi Government took the world by storm overnight. An attempt to curb black money and corrupt practices in India, the demonetisation received mixed reviews by different sectors of the country.


“E” is the “ECONOMY” of our country”

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India, the 7th largest country in the world, has been struggling to pace economic development owing to a million reasons and ultimately playing the population card. In 1991, penury forced the Indian government to ferry gold to the Western Banks to keep India from sinking. The country was slowly transformed into a global powerhouse by the reforms that followed. The challenge still remains scary: Can the country add a million jobs every month to keep afoot with its demographic growth?



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This has to be a most loved one. India’s parliament sessions are epic or lit as a millennial would say. While the sessions are held to discuss constructive ideas and acknowledge pressing issues, our politicians sure find a way to make it seem unimportant and silly.


“E” for “ENGLISH”

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The language has been the key to India’s success across borders. Yes, it was the language of her colonisers, but today we are grateful for this economic asset. The language keeps India provisional and unworldly and most notably helps Indians secure international jobs.



Image result for indian nuclear pokhran


In 1974, India successfully conducted its first nuclear test in Pokhran, a small town in the state of Rajasthan. Though the decision saw speculation and global ire, it did include India into the ranks of a nuclear weapon state.


“D” is for “DIASPORA”

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The section of the Indians who ventured abroad to make a living for themselves. They live in the US, the UK, Canada, West Africa and specially in the kingdom of the sheiks, where India’s daughters and sons go to make a living amidst the oil addled people. The Diaspora is India’s Trump-card abroad.




India has a large entertainment industry, Bollywood – India’s alter ego, being its largest component. It is the place where the outcomes are dictated by dreams and the reality is ruled by the imagination. Indian lives would be almost unbearable without the escape of Indian cinema.




The nationally celebrated sport of India, cricket too offers a portrait of the country. For years, this has been the one sphere where India successfully competes against the world. Today, the sport has a tableau of everything Indian: competition, money, corruption and aspiration. On the other hand, the actual national sport of the country, hockey, struggles to get any limelight at all.


“C” is for the “HOLY COW”

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A gentle creature in whose name spiritual activities think nothing of lynching men in broad daylight. There is no other creature anywhere in history that embodies the politics of an entire generation so perfectly.


“E” stands for “EDUCATION”

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From 1947 to the present day, the literacy rate in India has seen a complete transformation from 12% to 80%. However, when entering into the details, results are largely uneven with some states still lagging with low literacy rates and the women still marked less literate than men.


Use the comment section below and let us know what do you think about our definition for Independence!


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