Catch Me If You Can

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The movie is based on a real-life story and true incidents, Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Frank Abagnale, a teen-aged intelligent con man so spectacularly gifted that he was able to steal millions from various companies with the forged cheque, by successfully impersonating as an airline pilot, a doctor, a lawyer, and many other guises. He managed to get on the top ten most wanted list by FBI before his 21st birthday.

He is chased by a rigidly rule-bound F.B.I. agent, Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks), who is at first comically out-classed by the young improvising criminal genius but the agent is steadfast and relentless and has the law on his side leading to an interesting cat and mouse chase between the two.



The movie is filled with delightful supporting performances, interesting events, and surprising outcomes. Starting with Hanks and continuing on with Nathalie Baye as the boy’s selfish mother, Amy Adams as his immature fiancée. Christopher Walken plays a sympathetic role as the mischievous and spirited Abagnale Sr., whose life darkens with fall of his fortunes and problems with his wife.

Spielberg’s movie is rich with fascinating details and memorable incidents, while the script by Jeff Nathanson moves backward and forward in time to tell the story in the most engrossing way possible. It has been a top-notch entertainment for 140 minutes.
Steven Spielberg’s direction and Jeff Nathanson’s screenplay proved it, that no one can do it better than them.




This movie received a lot of praised and appreciation from the critics, as well as the audience from all over the world. Plenty of awards were received by Steven Spielberg, DiCaprio, Walken. This movie was surely one of the best of DiCaprio and Spielberg.


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