Punjab Labourer Borrows Rs 200 To Buy Lottery, Wins Rs 1.5 Crore!

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A labourer in Punjab who borrowed money to buy a Rs 200 lottery ticket has hit a Rs 1.5 crore jackpot. Manoj Kumar of Mandvi village in Sangrur district could not believe his luck when he found that his lottery ticket number matched with the winning number.

The lottery was announced by the Punjab State lotteries on August 29 for the Punjab State Rakhi Bumper 2018. The draw of the bumper was announced in Ludhiana. The first two prizes, Rs 1.5 crore each, have gone to two ticket holders and Manoj is one of them.

Manoj met the Director Lotteries of Punjab, TPS Phoolka, here on Wednesday and submitted his claim for the prize money.


The director assured him that the payment would be made at the earliest.


‘I had borrowed money to purchase the ticket. I had never imagined winning such a big amount in the wildest of dreams,’ a visibly elated Manoj said.

He said he would now be able to tide over the financial problems his family was facing.


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