Raksha Bandhan Special: Things That Make Brother Sisters Bond The Best!

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There is no bond that can match up the equation between a sister and a brother. It is undoubtedly the most pious relationship in the entire world. It is impossible to describe such connection in words, but it can be easily expressed in the feeling of comfort that you feel, in each other’s presence. Irrespective of how badly you guys fight with each other, or how many tantrums you throw disagreeing on everything; the bond remains irreplaceable. With a bond so special, there is no requirement for a reason to celebrate it. However, to honour this special bond, there exists an equally special day in the Indian tradition – Raksha Bandhan.


Read on to find out what makes this relationship between a brother and a sister so amazing, and why their bond is the best!


The Friend



Your sibling is the first closest guy or girl in your life. Your brother/sister is the person who teaches you that you can actually be friends with the opposite gender. To sum it up – you learn people of the opposite gender are also normal human beings!

The Counsellor


Older sister gives piggy-back ride to younger brother


Living with you, they get a sense of how the opposite gender perceives the things around them. Before they step out into the real world, they are already prepared for the guys and girls they are going to meet and know how the opposite gender functions.

The Partner



When you two joined forces, you made the best partner-in-crime with the crazy girl ideas and the perfect guy execution. Also, you got the best of both worlds sharing a lot of things including your toys.

The Competitor



With the heated boy vs girl rivalry always hanging between you two, you both had innumerable “I am the favourite” fights. However, you both always had an upper hand as “Maa ka ladla” and “papa ki pari”.

The Prankster



You both love playing pranks on each other. Always trying to outwit, outplay and outlast each other, your conquest to earn the title of “Last man standing” is an infinite affair. You guys know exactly what pisses off the other one and you leave no stone unturned to irritate each other.

The Companion



You guys can be the crazy, gross and weird self you are in each other’s company. You can’t even imagine acting in the same way in front of someone from the opposite gender as each other.

The Mentor



You get to know that in the end, both men and women want similar things. For instance, you both might share a love for desserts and love horror films. Your relationship also helps you dismiss the stereotypes like boys don’t cry and girls can’t drive.

The Advisor



You both are overprotective of the guys/girls they date. The men or women in your life need to be approved by your sibling. Also, they provide the best dating and relationship advice as they know exactly how your partner is taking the situation and what you can do to please them.

The Confusion


Raksha Bandhan A blonde boy and girl smiling at the camera.


Every time you guys step out laughing and being comfortable together, people think that you two might be dating. It is actually not a strange thing seeing the bond between you two. But every now and then, you need to clarify, “He/she is my brother/sister.”

At the end of the day, brother and sister relationships are the best. You both share an unparalleled bond always caring for each other. You guys know each other inside out and always look after each other. With the same bloodline, you both never run out of things to say, sharing similar interests and are always there for each other. With this, we at Plenty Post wish you a happy Raksha Bandhan and hope that your bond with your sister/brother strengthens every day.


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