‘Rising Muslim population is reason for increase in lynchings’, says BJP MP Hari Om Pandey

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Hari Om Pandey, a Senior BJP MP pioneer from UP started a new debate in the wake of expressing that the instances of appalling wrongdoings, for example, assault and murder are quickly expanding because of the developing Muslim populace in India and furthermore declared that soon another country like Pakistan will be cut out from India if the administration neglects to control the rising Muslim populace in the coming days.

The day preceding Pandey’s remarks, BJP UP legislator Surendra Singh additionally said in that specific circumstance, “Hindus must deliver no less than five kids to keep India solid and keep Hindutva flawless, ” in the nation.


He additionally stated, “a bill must be brought in the parliament to control the populace which is pertinent to everybody”. “Psychological warfare, violations, Mob lynchings are step by step expanding in the nation and the explanation behind this issue is the number of inhabitants in the nation. There is a gigantic increment in nation’s populace today as contrasted as compared with the time of independence and the explanation behind that is just a single network, that of the Muslims,” said BJP MP Hari Om Pandey.

Responding to this issue, The MP from UP’s Ambedkar Nagar voting demographic said Muslims neither have confidence in contraception nor they believe in any type of planing and their religious pioneers say it isn’t permitted in Islam.

He additionally included that due to the expanded populace in the nation, it will bring about joblessness and dormant financial development which thusly will get rebellion in India. Afterward, “we will confront challenges if no move has been made today,” said Pandey.




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