“The Good Doctor” The doctor we need

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Have you ever thought of all those medical miracles happening from time to time? What really do the specialists experience the exceptional surgeries for their patients?

Well on the off chance that you enjoyed watching Gray’s Anatomy and ER you will totally love to watch the new ABC arrangement “The Good Doctor“. Being, adjusted from a Korean Drama of a similar name, “The Good Doctor” is a tale about a young man who experienced his youth having abusive guardians and a mental imbalance issue which implies trouble to socialize with other individuals, survives and winds up to be a outstanding amongst other specialists we may have later on.

Hold up did you suspected that is it? No chance! Other than a mental imbalance, Shaun Murphy, played by none other than Bates Motel performing artist Freddie Highmore, has savant syndrome which enables him to have a photographic memory of all that he peruses, now how cool is that. Shaun utilizes this and his splendid thoughts in the working rooms and real life alike to help and save a lot of people.

In spite of having a normal rating of 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, Highmore merited significantly more for his flawlessness in the mix of the character’s virtuoso and ponderousness.

After watching it we all may relate our day to day similarities and problems even the non-autistic people face through their lives, with the foundation of medicinal fields and adventures that go through in a hospital on daily basis.

Overall, “The Good Doctor” is the perfect medical-drama to binge watch right now. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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