Vijay Diwas: What led to the Kargil conflict and how India won the war

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On 26th July 1999, Indian armed force formally announced mission in Kashmir, in which they had subsequently driven out Pakistani powers. The day from that point onward has been praised yearly as “Vijay diwas”. ‘Vijay Diwas’ is being praised each year for three days to recognize India’s decided triumph against Pakistan and to recall the incomparable forfeit of 500 Bravehearts who set out their lives for the nation.

The war started amid the primary seven day stretch of May 1999, When India got reports of infiltrators from over the fringes and the Pakistani troops and fear mongers coming into the outskirt for involving it. At first Indian armed force imagined that they were mujahideen yet soon they comprehended that it was the Pakistani armed force that had involved a portion of the posts. In Reacting to this Indian armed force propelled Operation Vijay to drive the Pakistani troops out of Kargil.


Around then it was trusted that the Pakistani armed force boss General Pervez Musharraf who had been arranged the contention. In that war Pakistani shot down 2 Indian contender planes while another fly warrior has been smashed amid the war. Afterward, Pakistan requested US to mediate however President Bill Clinton declined them to do as such. Along these lines, Until Pakistan troops pulled back from the line of control, the Indian armed force assaulted whatever is left of the stations and driven out them, managing to get it back by end of the July.

The war has been in control and around 250 ordnance firearms were utilized as a part of the war to clear the infiltrators in the posts that were in the viewable pathway. There has additionally been utilized of Bofors FH-77B in the war which assumed an exceptionally fundamental part, with Indian heavy armament specialists making most extreme utilization of the territory.


Finally, There were substantial losses on the two sides amid the three-month struggle with the Indian side losing almost 500 personnel’s however, formally loss of life on the Indian side was 527 and Pakistan’s side is accepted to be in the vicinity of 357 and 453. Afterward, the war was over and remaining of the officers has been granted India’s pride and award.



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